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The Tuesday Talk Off -

  • 20 January, 2015
  • by Admin

Hey #Sinwordz readers, it's been a while since we updated but we're back right here right now. I'd like to take this moment to tell everyone that I hope they had a great Christmas holiday and are enjoying their new year! With that said let's jump right into this talk off!

Afghan who saved Navy SEAL seeks asylum in U.S.! - Have you guys been hearing about this story on the news or local radio show? For those of you who haven't, it appears that an Afghan civilian saved the life of a Navy SEAL after his team apparently ran into an ambush that left three out of four dead. Since the interaction and the safe return of the SEAL a movie was created in honor of this persons extreme courage to save on of our own Elites. Since creation of the movie however the civilian from Afghanistan has been receiving death threats for helping the U.S safely return a soldier. Now here's where it gets really interesting; Even after the return of our soldier the U.S. is having a hard time deciding weather we should grant asylum to the Afghanistan civilian.

How's everyone feeling about this news story? Should we grant Asylum or not to this individual? Check out the poll below and drop #Sinwordz a comment!

Should The U.S. provide asylum to the Afghanistan civilian who saved one of our Navy S.E.A.L's?

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