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Spoke In Wordz Surprise Opponent, Battle Interview!

  • 28 April, 2014
  • by Admin

Spoke In Wordz battle buzz is growing bigger and bigger through out the state of Colorado. In light of Spoke In Wordz upcoming battle vs a surprise unknown that hasn't been released, we went ahead and caught up with spoke for a few questions to see how he was feeling about it. Overall it's just as we expected but we are bringing it here first to you from, not anywhere else!


Were here with Spoke In Wordz Live today, and we have a few questions about his upcoming battle. Tell me Spoke, how are you feeling about your up-coming unknown battle out of CO-Rap? Prepared, scared, or just ready to do business in the ring?

Spoke In Wordz:

Honestly, I'm in kill mode! Expect the realest shit I ever wrote on any opponent in the ring!


Spoke, tell me, what's making it so real. Do you have a vendetta against who you are facing? Is it personal, or are you just ready to show these people a whole other side they haven't seen yet?

Spoke In Wordz:

Not too many personals, dude is deff going to get barred up though. Third round will be unlimited and I have some shit I need to speak about. Ha ha!!


Unlimited? Oh hell no! We all saw your last battle with Lakhryth, when you kept going over time and now you don't have to worry about it? This is going to be insane, my dude! Are you worried at all about what your opponent is going to bring to the table? We only ask because C.O Rap league owner Mr. Xtra has officially commented and said this is going to be the worst murk of your battle career!

Spoke In Wordz:

....Honestly....I'm ready for whatever CO Rap League want's to throw at me. The way I see it, they have no heavy hitters. The title match was mine before it started!

Well there you have it folks! Spoke is taking the W all the way from KNK to the CO Rap League Front. When contacting KNK for their views on the subject J-Money told us "We feel Spoke In Wordz is an elite emcee with a huge up side, That should bid him well in his up coming battle"! Let us know below how you think Spoke is going to do at the surprise event! We'll be back here with play by play coverage after the battle to let you know how we think it went down! For now, we're signing off!

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